26 October 2019

Murmurings in Artlicks and Deptford X

Murmuration at Hart's Lane

Drawing Connections - A two day group collaboration in Deptford

Initial group thoughts: forest, humble materials, newsprint/paper

Installation includes old chair, folder of railway news clippings, charcoal space left behind and frottage collage.
In The Matter of This Estate

Responding to the decaying old work space I consider the Deptford X proposal of untold stories, unexpected realities particularly appropriate.
My ancestors, two brothers moved to Deptford from Liverpool in the 1840s both steam engine drivers, most likely to have had apprenticeships with Stevenson as they lived close by in 1830.
These were fast moving times of social change, industry and the railway altered patterns of movement around the country and changed many lives.

Deptford Stories  - railways, pubs and a few local facts (more information in pages)

Drawings are built upon thoughts of a physical structure, working quickly
I use frottage from wood grain and lengthy pine needles together with newsprint to build an image that could have been abandoned long ago in woodland however it didn't dry overnight.

My drawings often evolve through disruption from a random event. I deconstruct yesterdays structure. Now focusing on the building of the viaduct and the people surrounding it including fragments of forgotten news clippings from my ancestors in the 1840/50s. 

This drawing now needs to evolve through alteration by adding an independent voice, Barry disturbs the image and leads it elsewhere.

Drawn conversation

Drawn Conversation

Alison records chance voices on local transport, I use these murmurings of passing through Deptford without content.
Their rhythm, tone, pause, repeat interruptions are transposed into marks creating a visual sound wave of social mobility. Changing accents and languages reformed through a sort of synesthesia.

Group voices murmuring.

Sound installation, speaking from Rilke.
A section spoken by each group member is recorded 
over the top of the previous recording, mingling voices dissolve and reappear murmuring Rilke's words.


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