1 November 2016

Meeting TQ 168 323 Text Work

Walking the Reserve

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Title: Meeting - TQ 168 323 

Part One with Helen and Camilla

A changing view, a walk in photographs, immersed in my surroundings, paying attention to what I see and hear, a type of psychogeography, listening, observing and finding connections between the urban and rural cultural 
environment of this place.

 Part Two with Alison

Tree, plane, breeze

The boardwalk

27 October 2016

A collaboration at Warnham Nature Reserve

I am meeting with friends to embark on a new art collaboration at a central location that sits between us all. 
Warnham Nature Reserve.

Our response will be immediate and individual.

My interest is to observe and react to visual or sound moments or interactions that arise as I walk around the location.

My cognition is not as a motionless observer but is motion sensitive and site specific. Made by the direct and physical response we all have as we encounter our surroundings, it is a selective process for every viewer that depends entirely on personal experiences, desires and purpose.

It is my hope that the presence I find here will reflect back into history, culture and place.


Walk 1. meet up at the Reserve with Helen and Camilla

Looking along the gravel path towards the reserve.
Starting off

Sharp black decorative trees.
Passing under a sunlit arch.


Walk 2. A quick walk around the Reserve with Alison

 collection of textures, holly leaves, edge of corrugated iron, woven fence and a variety of trees.
Behind the Hide

A rough area of woodland.
Into the woods

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