Work Statement

In my work I use observation to inform, to visually understand the differences between things and how they become a constituent of drawing.

Art is about recognition, the identification through a continuous act of comparison in what we see, hear, touch and notice.
I walk, I look and occasionally find something unnoticed.

I examine how drawing might enquire and communicate the little differences I find that could reveal a link to specific place. I respond, connect and explore the impact of walking, drawing and memory.

I work from my feet, connecting sounds, motion and terrain. Cognition is motion sensitive and site specific. I am interested in moving a viewer beyond the role of motionless observer. 
I think through drawing as I focus on an unknown particularity. The act of drawing takes me elsewhere, each individual encounter continues to impact on memory. I respond to these encounters immediately making quick loose drawings that reflect space, volume, mass and sensations absorbed from my surroundings.

I use sound to interrupt, switching focus between listening and seeing widens our perception, different experiences are described through sound, it forms alternative structures

Sound contains space.
Sound reflects activity, volume, terrain but has no image, no reality of its own.
Sound has presence but remains abstract.
Sound exists in the listener nowhere else.

I use materials that reflect the site of drawing and inform its place here now its presence reflects back into history, culture and place.

Jill Evans 

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