4 September 2013

Setting up the MA Show

Private View Thursday 6pm  5.9.13 at Wimbledon College of Art

Snowdonia long drawing 2013

Four day walk drawing - graphite, charcoal, red and grey chalk, carbon pencil on concertina paper

Angle iron table 500 x 27cm and locally sourced wooden tophttp://www.norburyparksawmill.org.uk/viewHistory?select=Sawmill


Snowdonia sound drawing 2013
 Thinking and testing out many possibilities of how to present the five speakers in the MA Show. Investigated ridiculously expensive sound domes, considered fashioning some from a mini speaker and bowl, placing speakers on shelves and many other ideas including welding them on top of metal poles but finally realised a humble domestic fire log best fitted the intellectual idea of the exhibition:
 they are appropriate, easily replaceable and links to an unmonumental art philosophy and relevant cultural history.

Sounds are created as I navigate the changing terrain, walking in Snowdonia for four days, my motion is sound and the moments of moving to another place between drawings.

Speakers inform the installation using current technology 5.1 surround sound.

5 firewood logs

Wood is environmentally sourced from a local farm