17 July 2011

Open Studio weekend

The open weekend went well, a lot of people came in and were interested in my paintings, although the first thing everyone commented on was the lovely fireplace.
The space worked well for my paintings, I hadn't noticed earlier how the shadows and shape of the roof echoed the shaped boards I work on. Surroundings really do make a difference, people appeared relaxed in the room and stayed browsing through my work for quite some time.
Earlier in the week I made a sudden decision to apply for an MA Drawing course, so It was a mad rush to put together a portfolio for the interview the day before the Open weekend. I enjoyed it even though there were some difficult questions it made me think hard about some aspects of my work.

But great news I have just heard that I have been accepted on the course, I am exited about how this will affect what I do in the future, I have definitely stirred things up now.

4 July 2011

Hard as nails

 It's our Open Studios this weekend so lots to do, trying to put up paintings but these walls are rock hard. Yesterday I bent at least 12 different nails but after a visit to the ironmongers I have discovered a new type of small masonry nail and it worked. So off to a good start this morning until I found some paintings I wanted to hang have small strange spots that might be mould, I will have to google it and see if it will get worse. So now more rescue work needed but I need to find what has caused them.
Tuesday I found out that the "studio in the wood" can be a very scary place, lightning strikes directly above, made it feel like a cell. I didn't dare step outside. I think it stirred up the energy though as ideas flowed and I did something drastic the next day after months or maybe even years of procrastinating. I'll let you know how it goes later.