7 November 2013

Discerning Eye annual drawing bursary

Territorial SH7154 has been selected for the short list of the David Gluck Memorial Bursary

Territorial SH7 154 - Charcoal on paper
Territorial SH7154 

I made this drawing from the memory of a specific moment high up on Moel Siabod.

We hear a raven call close by, one is just appearing over the mountain above us, another joins it and they start to circle, are they attracted by the home made black fluffy cover of the Zoom mic I hold up high? Another arrives calling for its mate, the sound amplifies and their circling becomes more threatening. Number three is holding off waiting for its mate who suddenly appears from over the ridge behind us, just as number three comes in for the attack, I hear the rush of air through their huge wings, claws grab, feathers fly as they tumble and twist again and again directly in front of us. Amazing as it is I want them to stop. At last there is a victor and the pairs fly slowly off in opposite directions.
I breathe
( see page -  The Sound and Sites of Drawing and Walking Unit 3 CP Paper)

I am investigating how to process the everyday experience of observation and visual qualities of my surroundings. What elements might remain in memory, connecting and evoking recognition? Sound, fear, movement, terrain...

Through close observation I hope to visually understand the differences between things and investigate how these differences become a constituent of a drawing.

Thinking through drawing, I focus on an unknown particularity, on how each individual encounter might continue to impact on memory. I make quick loose drawings responding to space, volume, mass and sensation The act of drawing takes me elsewhere, to a another place.