12 December 2012

Exhibition December 2012

The image, drawn in ink layers and collected along the lower edge, evolved from the spiral motion of the suspension drawings of unit 1

Contained landscape with curved horizon

2 December 2012

Walking and Drawing, connections through landscape

A brief synopsis of essay and drawing

I wander, progress, uncover, connect and navigate – walking, noticing, thinking.
This path has evolved in time with a purpose and with the rhythm and movement of walking.
I focus here and there and stop, drawn by the physicality of structure or space. I remain standing to sustain the physical energy; the mental attitude; the immediate response, making marks that relate to a visual directness, rejecting the single perspective viewpoint as seen when looking through a window, or at a photographic still frame as if in Claude’s glass.
I walk, I draw from observation to find things out, searching for little differences that can communicate and reveal a link to the world.
How is the landscape seen; what elements might remain in our memory, connecting again a viewer and the landscape?
I look for this residue of differences that might shift perception and open a new response for the individual viewer.

View sketchbook here http://flic.kr/p/dxZ6pn
Walking and drawing from Mortehoe to Morte point, drop down to Rockham Bay, find strange wavelike rock formations, walk up to the sharp blades of Bull point and Baggy point. The next drawing starts where rock layers of two continents collide, buckle and fold, I draw, sitting next to an ancient iron chain. Carry on to follow the coastal path up to Spekes Mill waterfall, past a contrast of old burnt wood, fresh green and bright orange. I stand concentrating on the rhythm of the patterns as the water rushes down. I notice a strange effect caused by the afterimage, motionless surrounding cliffs appear to shake and vibrate in sync with these rhythms.