Lost in an A to Z

Ambiguity - open, smudginess, contradictory, with another meaning 
Beginning - where anything starts 
Causality - a process, there is no action without a cause       
Difference - there is only meaning in the difference       
Edges - allow tension and mass within a drawing or something to flow over
Forward - a move in the right direction, progress
Gravity - mass, volume, depth, the physicality of landscape
Happenstance - a good word to just come across
Iteration - builds an image with rhythm in the markmaking (words or drawing)
Joint/Joining - connecting and repeating
Kiefer - exposing narrative, vast, seeing the horizon as a line of nothingness          
Line - expresses everything
Mondrian - thank you         
Notice - see, awareness, observe and connecting visually
Open - so that a viewer can respond with meanings of their own
Pulse - the rhythm of a successful drawing         
Qualities - belonging to whatever is being observed
Residue - remaining evidence of fact or memory             
Sound -  an alternative way of drawing       
Transition - in a process of change       
Unknown - to explore, the wilderness, lost somewhere, possessing distance
Visible - seeing the surface
Walking and drawing, experiencing our surroundings
Xanthan gum - lets me eat cake
Yardstick - a favourite, useful and pleasing object, belonging to the past
Zero - value/nothing/absence