31 May 2011

View from the window

Moving studio I  found an old 'Art in America' magazine, reading that painter James Bishop described his life in Paris 'as one in exile'. Now looking out through my studio window I get that feeling as I am sitting here, hidden round at the back of the park, behind the trees and it's very quiet. Cosy too but a little bit scary with the strange sound the wind is making. I like this bit, it says on the indifference of artists working in Paris they.... 'ripen more slowly there' Ashbery - gaining intelligence and benefiting from introspection.

24 May 2011

Starting work

I discovered too many half started and abandoned paintings during the move and now I have quite a lot to think about. Do I prepare a surface for new work or recycle? Obviously it's not possible to continue where I left off as I am in a different place both literally and mentally.
I am very happy in the space and feel a fresh motivation to reinvent and so think working on some of the unfinshed paintings is a good idea.

20 May 2011

Everything is in.

I have spent a very long day trying to take stuff out again to make more space and things still need to be moved around but it's ready for me to start painting now. Unfortunately it's going to be impossible to hang anything up as the walls are rock hard. It took two of us several attempts with a hammer drill to make a hole 1cm deep. A bit of a problem for a painter, I'll have to look for some inventive system or just work on paper and use sticky tape.
 I can't wait to get started next time I'm in.

18 May 2011

Getting there

Sorting required
 All the cobwebs and spiders have been swept out and the walls painted but the studio looks a lot smaller now everything is in it. Looks like it will take some time to find everything a place. Alex the Park Keeper lent me a wheelbarrow which speeded things up after a shaky start. As a novice I very nearly tipped the lot out on first trip when it hit a pot hole.

17 May 2011

New studio

It's exciting moving into a new studio and a good time to start a blog, I know it will affect my work but how....? I am putting down a painted hardboard floor for warmth and I can even be barefoot if it's not too cold. It's a smaller space and I am worried it is a bit domestic looking so will have to be careful how I organise it