24 October 2017

A Many Sided Thing

A many sided thing

A residency of collaborations

Wimbledon College of Art
16th-27th October 2017

As a member of  'Drawing Connections' I am taking part in the show at Wimbledon Space
The residency begins with an exhibition of an ‘avatar’ from each participant.
I exhibit ‘Left behind’ charcoal on paper. The title is both instruction and circumstance.
I pass these two trees regularly, they are ignored by most, unnoticed in an unkept scrubby patch behind the studio.
Interested in how the eye roams around the shifting detail I need to draw and get lost in the messy tangle. I stand and make several quick charcoal drawings but it becomes to known to my hand and eye, reconstruction begins to stall in its reality.

Left behind
Collaborating together Alison and me walk through the space discussing which direction this collaboration might go.
Our conversation wanders through from an original old door stop that remains fixed in place - a floor that continues up the wall - sounds mingle of people passing through in many directions -  doors banging - fragments of conversation merge in and fade away.

Memories are linked together and I recall a mind sound...

...and then laughter behind the toilet door on holiday...for whoever went in their it became compulsory to boing the boingy doorstop.

Seeing the word brings into the mind the sound of a frequent family walk... the squeaky gates crossing over the railway line with the children a sense of fear, seeing the warning signs, laughing, we whistle as we quickly cross.

Bell in a cold frame
Listening to a radio program on the burying and silencing of Russian Bells ‘ Once heard you can’t unring the bell’.      

Bell in a cold frame

Old and new whistle sign

Whistle booth

Our contribution to the show developed through conversation, linking mindsounds.

An interview with justintime