25 October 2019

Drawing Connections at ARTOTS Holland

Micrographity May 2019 Hertogenbosch

The exhibition evolves from an initial group discussion formed around the tangling of words microgravity and drawing concerns. Using simple graphic art materials to generate a process of drawings, how do physical laws appear to the eye?  Disrupt - a moment of change...a micro force.
One tiny moment of impact generates a physical process that continues beyond its source.
Making a series of immediate studies from that instant I notice each is different, each time changing. Energy forms change as they spread, altering from one form to another.
Layers of change develop, gravity affecting forms and deforming, multiplying or disapating, spread, each repeat differs. There is symmetry in this natural force. A memory of a previous trip to Amsterdam, in the Contemporary Museum of Architecture that is surrounded by water, listening to the gentle lapping sounds of 'Slow Moves' by Jose Gonzales that filled the space.
These thoughts dictate both the drawing activity and materials; fluid charcoal, dust, ink, speed, graphite, smudge. Mondrian's rational geometry and observations of the ocean edge become a starting point.
My drawings are continuing from Mondrian's sense of a returning equilibrium, it is this power of intrigue of the moment present in each distinct study from which they evolve.

Disrupt i - 24.4.2019 Charcoal on paper

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