10 August 2013

The sound and sites of drawing and walking

The sound and sites of walking and drawing, cover image - Distant England
Distant England, cover image


In the following words I shall tell the story of walking in Snowdonia over a four day stay in Capel Curig. I set off with clear intentions to experience walking in this remote landscape with the possibility of a diversion into somewhere unknown or a chance occurrence. As I move through this terrain I will look, listen, notice, respond, connect and explore the impact of walking, drawing and memory. I will examine how drawing might enquire and communicate the little differences I find that could reveal a link to specific place.

As I travel along this path I will be discussing my reasoning and purpose in more detail through a gradual expansion into a wider culture, returning with knowledge of elsewhere.

Soren Kierkegaard goes for a wander at the optimum pedestrian pace of three miles per hour he considers this to be the speed the mind functions well at.

But unlike Kierkegaard being ‘so overwhelmed with ideas he could scarcely walk’
I hope to bring this story back to the individual reader.

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