26 August 2013

Sound Drawing

Sounds carry memories, sound evokes images, sound transports thought to another place.
Sound reflects activity, volume, terrain but has no image, no reality of its own.
Sound has presence but remains abstract.
Sound contains space.
Sound completely belongs to the listener alone. It exists nowhere else.
Susan Philipze:
‘ Sound heightens your awareness of the space you are in’. 2010
Sound relates volume, activity and movement, it contains landscape experiences that colour the unknown. We understand through connecting internal topographies of place, sound, image and knowledge. We navigate this terrain, adding and developing endlessly, our cognition is motion sensitive and site specific.

Snowdonia sound drawing - Jill Evans 2013
I record the actual walking experience of place to construct a sound image of terrain and motion.
The five active speakers allow a viewer/listener to choose their own pathway through Snowdonia sound drawing in their personal real time of listening. The viewer/listener passes through and creates an alternative composition to complete the drawing.
Visual sound drawing 
This image is a sound wave formed by the sound activity of making Drawing 3 in real time sitting beside Ffynnon Llugwy reservoir.


 Drawing 3 from Snowdonia long drawing Jill Evans 2013
 Drawing 3 from Snowdonia long drawing Jill Evans 2013

Folded Landscape ink on paper Jill Evans 2013
Folded landscape 1 ink on paper Jill Evans 2013

Drip drip drip, each drop combines to form a chance landscape.

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