9 March 2012

Drawn from the National

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Speed was essential to make these studies. I noticed when looking at the complicated figures in Carrado Giaquinto's painting that the less I looked at my paper and just let my eye follow the shapes around the canvas I could draw letting go of thought. My hand and eye made a direct connection and seemed to ignore any other thinking.
Moses stricking a rock - pencil on sketchbook
Carrado Giaquinto 1703-1766, Moses striking a rock
The action and rhythms of the figures and clothing, enhance the flow of water as it pours from the rock and down through the image, to the stillness of the smooth puddle in the bottom right hand corner.

Slowly spreading puddle - pencil on sketchbook
This slowly spreading puddle looks peculiar but acts as if to contain the fall of the crowd in the bottom right corner.

The Tribute Money - pencil on sketchbook

The Tribute Money, about 1560-8, Titian

Rain, Steam, Speed J.M.W. Turner - charcoal on sketchbook

all is without form and void - charcoal on paper
Rain, Steam, Speed, 1844 William Turner
" The artist delights to go back to the chaos of the world...all is without form and void; they are pictures of nothing, and very like". Hazlitt

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