15 May 2013

Passing By

Drawn on Site

I have been given the opportunity to take over an empty shop for a one week drawing residency. Invited by Transition Dorking, a voluntary, environmental group I will be drawing on site in the shop throughout the week with Alison, another MA Drawing student. We have decided to make work directly in response to our surroundings, passers-by will be able to pop in and see how the work progresses, hopefully it will.

Day 1.

Wondering how to make drawings, surrounded by these bizarre silver striped interior walls and feeling awkward drawing alone in here with my back to the open door. Eventually I made a word piece called Passing By.

Passing by

Trolley and two green carriers
White bag tucked under his arm
Tweed and a book
Blue waterproof and orange carrier
White stripes and blue backpack
Striding and swinging shopping
Red top and black briefcase
Blue raffia and rolled mat
Grey hair and green mac
Two up, two down
All black with checked scarf
Blue and blue stripes
Green bag, brown bag
Two matching apple green macs
Long mac and white carrier
Small boy swinging shopping
Two in black with one bright green carrier
Chatting ladies and shopping trollies
Three carriers and a grey jacket
Clattering shoes, swinging a bag
Pushing mobility trolley, slowly
Quickly, two large boxes on his shoulder
Return of red top with two new bags
Black coat and large white paper carrier
Two together, red cotton bag between
All in black with papers and huge black bag
Turquoise legs
Pink legs
Two brown coats and two sticks
Speedy, spotty trolley
Traffic sounds
Two pass quickly, big strides
Plastic covered pushchair, purple coat pushing
Four up, one down
All brown, hood up
White ear phones, white bag
Balanced orange carriers, striding
Small in pink passing zebra umbrella
Slow walk, swinging wide cotton bag
Three under one large black umbrella
Red top, grey shorts… postman
Two, woolly hoods up
Four down, mostly in green

  Thursday's drawings

Brush pen on Mylar paper

Ceiling pipe - charcoal on paper

Shop corner 1. red chalk and graphite on paper

Shop corner 2. red chalk and graphite on paper

Shop corner 3. red chalk and graphite on paper

Shop corner 4. red chalk and graphite on paper

Shop corner 5. red chalk and graphite on paper

Friday, We are both surprised and excited in the direction the drawing has taken, just curated the show for tomorrow. 

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