2 November 2011

The games afoot

The games afoot...that line again  (ah that’s where it’s from).
Drawing workshop at Henry 5th RSC rehearsal studios.
Actors move around, scenery, steps and tower change positions. Lots of atmosphere to capture, I layer and repeat figures to show movement. If a character returns to the same position on stage, I can add more detail. The Shakespearean actors love to show of, making good body shapes. I concentrate and quickly record the stronger angles, speed of drawing changes my way of working. The director remains quite still, he has a stabilising effect on the image.

                    Propeller workshop - pencil on paper

Propeller workshop - pencil on paper
The director - pencil on paper

Later on at Tate Britain
 A very scary place, Tate Britain if you haven't read the blurb on the Mike Nelson installation.
 BUT wait... don't read it, if you're going, it's much better to know nothing...that’s the point, you should enter totally unaware of what you might find!
( see more later)
Ok, now a bit of the Romantics show to recover. Oh connections... more Shakespeare.

Shakespearean characters - pencil in small sketchbook
Thomas Stothard's Shakespearean characters

Shakespearean Characters exhibited 1813
This assemblage of Shakespearean characters is from the most popular plays of the time.
Stothard is painting what people like. (1755-1834) 
The label says that he demonstrates his literary knowledge and also flatters his viewer. 
Something to keep in mind perhaps but today you have to add a little more.



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