10 August 2013

Snowdonia Long Drawing construction

Materials for Snowdonia long drawing
  • Three 6 metre lengths of 25 x 25ml angle iron
  • 4 metres of sustainable wood
  • Four day walk drawing - pencil, charcoal, red and grey chalk, carbon pencil
Task 1. Measure, cut, file, drill, weld and construct table - H. 80cm x L. 400cm x W. 27cm
Task 2. Source sustainable wood, prepare, cut and fit
After hunting through reclamation yards, ebay and wood recycling projects I remember:
Norbury Park sawmill collects wood from the site of Druids Grove (detail below) and Along across, around and about the River Mole long drawing. 

detail TQ 15807 53205 2013
detail TQ 15807 53205 2013


Ancient Yew 2013
Ancient Yew 2013


This local sawmill uses oak, pine and other soft woods from the area of these walks and Surrey Wildlife Trust's own sites. In many cases these are heathlands where Scots pine is being removed for the revival of threatened wildlife, perfect.



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